We work closely with our clients to create value, protect assets, investigate the competition, maximize business opportunities, and create companies. Our seasoned professionals have the technical and legal expertise to help your company succeed. Consider us an integral part of your team.

Preparing and Prosecuting Patent Applications

As your company develops its technology, you may require a patent strategy to protect the inventions that drive your business. As a first step, we work with your scientists to prepare and file the patent applications you need. Then we work with examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and worldwide, to prosecute the applications successfully. Our aim is to provide you with strong, broad, commercially useful patents.

Portfolio Review

As your business grows, it is important to keep an eye on your patent strategy to be sure that your company’s patents and pending applications are consistent with your commercial goals. We can review your patent portfolio with this objective in mind, to help you recalibrate your strategy to achieve your short and long-term objectives.

Landscape and Freedom to Operate Studies

Your own patents offer barriers to entry that protect your own technology. But you also need to identify the barriers to entry that other companies’ patents can pose. As you develop products or consider new business directions, it’s useful to look at the third-party patent landscape. Who else has patents that might be blocking your way? Who else might have patents that would be worth licensing? A landscape study identifies who else is “out there” in general terms. A freedom to operate study is more targeted, identifying the patents and published patent applications that might stand in the way of developing a particular product.

IP Due Diligence

Before making an investment, you want to be familiar with the target’s intellectual property holdings. As part of investor-side due diligence, we examine the IP company’s holdings on your behalf. We also survey the competitive landscape, to determine whether third-party patents may be blocking the company’s product line. With our extensive in-house experience, we can guide you as an investor through the other relevant aspects of IP due diligence, including confidentiality agreements, licenses, copyright holdings and trademarks. Or, if your company is facing due diligence, contact us. We can help you navigate the process as painlessly as possible.


Your technology-based business may want to acquire or license intellectual property from other companies, or you may want others to buy or license your IP. Our Tech Transactions group can help. We are well-versed in the documents you’ll need to attain your business objectives.


Licensing is a mainstay of a tech-based business. We can assist you with the licensing arrangements that you require.


Collaborations require a variety of agreements, from non-disclosure and material transfer agreements to joint development agreements and joint ventures. As in-house counsel for companies in a number of technology spaces, we’re familiar with how these deals get done. We can guide you through the maze of agreements that need to be completed so that you start working with your collaboration partner.