Corporate Law

shutterstock_269106275We assist companies at all points in the company life cycle, from initial organization through maturity and sale or an alternative exit. We have practiced and have assisted clients in a number of legal markets, including California and Hawaii.


Company Formation

Usually the first step in the process, we can help guide you through the various considerations of jurisdiction and company type. We have experience both with the corporate start-up and the limited liability company. We have also formed stand-alone entities for real estate investment and for other purposes, such as a non-U.S. company’s first foray into the United States.
In the alternative, if a client’s business has gotten ahead of legal considerations, we have also assisted clients in reorganizing their successful businesses into a more efficient and advantageous legal structure.


Whether debt, equity or a hybrid, we have assisted clients at various stages of funding, from angel round and beyond. We also have experienced various economic climates, which can completely alter a company’s funding options.

A Going Concern

As a company matures and outside funding becomes less necessary, concerns may turn more towards daily operations. We have assisted clients with licensing agreements, joint development agreements, joint ventures, distribution agreements and agreements related to employee retention. In some cases, a client may wish to reorganize strategically, reincorporating in a different jurisdiction, or reorganizing internally. Often such reorganizations are driven by tax or other considerations, where we happily work with a client’s tax advisors to make adjustments to corporate structure in order to move the company’s business forward more efficiently.

Acquisitions and Exits

Whether your company is ready to grow through acquisition or sell the business and move on to a new venture, we have represented both sellers and buyers in a variety of mergers and acquisitions. From the seller’s side, we have represented both large, multinational corporations and legacy, family businesses, both of which present different challenges and considerations. We have also assisted companies with public offerings, but have most often served in a supporting role rather than as lead counsel.