shutterstock_255370555Attorneys at CLG have expertise across a broad spectrum of technological fields, including software, life sciences, medical devices, semiconductor design, materials sciences, and even rocket science.  While each of us has an area or two of specialty, what sets us apart is our teamwork.  For a complex or crossover technology, we have the background to appreciate all its dimensions.  A medical device, for example, can include elements of mechanical engineering, electronics, bioinformatics, and surgical anatomy.  Our team of lawyers can take on all of these challenges as we work together. At CLG, our technical backgrounds are, in a word, convergent.

Here are some examples of our technical specialties.

shutterstock_69576301Materials Sciences and Software

Does your company manufacture or design semiconductors or other high-technology materials? Is software design central to your company? We have deep expertise in these fields.
Contact Janyce Mitchell for more information.


shutterstock_152934302Life Sciences

Our life sciences team has experience in areas from bioinformatics to toxicology, with special focus on biotechnology and genomics.

Contact Sally Brashears or Dr. Dianna DeVore for more information.


shutterstock_2427947Medical Devices

We have a strong and versatile medical devices team. Contact Rick Batt to learn more.

Many life sciences and medical devices have a  therapeutic dimension.  Dr. Sharon Webb has a background as a practicing surgeon, so she can bring this expertise to your company’s biomedical technologies.


shutterstock_245965420And more …

Rocket science?  Yes, we’ve actually got that covered too.